Thursday, April 9, 2009

real parenting.

So I haven't linked up to Two cent's Tuesday hosted by Tutu's bliss in a while. But I think this is a link worthy post. Even though it's Wednesday. I don't care. I win. =D

So my two cent's this week is about real good parent's vs book perfect parents. My sister is a mother of three little ones. 2 boys and one girl. She and her husband are great parents in my humble opinion. As I have my own little imp on the way, I have been spending more time observing both of my sister's parenting techniques and issues. But this post is about Annie.

She recently lied to her children to get them to eat dinner. Not any crazy lie. Just a little fib. I'm pretty sure that in all the parenting books, it says "don't lie to kids." And this is where real parenting kicks in.

Here is how the story goes. She made Taco salad. The one that I raved about here. This isn't the exact way she or I make it, but recipes are made to be tampered with aren't they? The kids always eat Catalina dressing so no problem there. Annie used lime tortilla chips, and what kid will turn down chips? No problem there either. The problem? Taco seasoning qualifies as "spicy." So how do you solve said problem? You tell the kids that the little lime flecks on the tortilla chips are why it's got some spice to it. After a moment of concentrated thought by the two that are old enough to eat and a slight nod (I may have made that part up, I wasn't actually there) they eat their dinners happily enough. Spicy taco seasoning and all.

So you're kids ate a healthy meal and may have learned that not all things "spicy" actually taste bad. All it took was one little fib. I think the parenting books can stick it on this one. Some dirt in a kids diet is normal. A small fib to eat dinner, perfectly allowable. My dad told us girls that onions made hair grow on your chest. The other's believed him...I just didn't care and ate them anyway. No hair has yet to appear.

So apparently small fibs and bribery are the best forms of child control. Don't quote me on this though. My opinion may be squashed in 7 1/2 months when my own little guy decides he's gonna make his opinion known no matter how much I bribe him =D


  1. Never too late and my kind of two cents!! "You are 100% spot on. By the Book" parenting only works with "By the Book" kids. That leaves me out! Hugs, Jen

  2. you make me smile...thanks for writing about us1 Jace totally nodded when he decided the spicy chips would be acceptable. And I figured out the onion thing when I was like it's all good now! :)