Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm slacking again!

So I've been slacking on my blogging again lately. I have been reading others and commenting though. Like the good little commenter I am. Although my pregnancy hormones are horrible evident. Just today I've cried at Stellan's story and at a little chat about pregnancy over at The Reality of Happily Ever After. I'm a big crying blob of hormones. My husband has been training recently and is rarely home so I spend a lot of time reading and cuddling with the puppy poo.

On a completely separate note, I have visitors coming!! I know I posted about this ooohhh, an eon ago but I don't feel like finding the post and linking it so you'll survive. It's my bestest friend since I was 2. (Seriously I do mean 2, I don't remember life before her. We went to preschool together.) She's bring a friend so she doesn't have to fly alone since shes a big baby about such things...lol. I am VERY excited! We're going to Berlin for a 4 day and hope to get to the lake to lay out surrounded by mostly naked native Germans. =D In this 10 day trip she's also being conned into finishing the dresser I started sanding about 2 months ago. She has always been my "project buddy." Don't worry I will post the pregnancy update on Thursday after my appt so you don't feel left out ;) but then I may be gone until the beginning of May. I'll be back! Promise!


  1. yay for visitors! I hope you guys have a great visit...and finish that poor rescued dresser! ;)

  2. I get the hormonal thing now, you don't have to explain...ever.

    Thats exciting that your getting visitors! Have a great time!!!