Monday, April 13, 2009

Random house pictures...

...because I am excited! Know how I won that contest from Scribble it and Mckmama? Well...I finally put them up on the wall. Wooooooo for me! It only took me what? 6 months? My bad!

This is my wall in the hall way with its pretty little quote. Who knew these things were soooo cool?

This is the Gold tree with bird in the kitchen. I do believe it was called the whimsy tree or something to that effect. Whatever you call it...FUN!

We also have some bonus pictures for you! My boys sleeping soundly while my legs fall asleep. =D A picture of Walker because he's cute! I cut his hair again so you can see his cute little puppy eyes. And a picture of my little German garden! Yaya!


  1. Those wall things are cute!!!

  2. love love love your winnings! They look really good. I have one in my living room...I'm thinking about getting a few more for the house but it was a pain putting it up. My house is old so the walls are plaster with ALOT of texture, which means annoying scraping of paper for hours it seemed. Oh was worth it. Your boys are very sweet sleeping. I'm not sure the hubby would let me post sleeping pictures.