Friday, June 26, 2009

My bad folks.

I may have recently been reprimanded by a lurker for my lack of updates. =D I admit I'm a slacker. All is well. Baby is happy and healthy. Had an ultrasound Monday but he was uncooperative so the picture isn't really worth positing. Lol. He's swimming up a storm pleased as pie to cause trouble. Names we're thinking of include Lucian, Gabriel, Gregory, and Xavier.

As for me. Well. I'm ok. The pregnancy part is well. No swelling, no lack of pooping capabilities, no killer back pain, no killer mood swings. I'm just not so "glowing." I'm grumpy and restless and prone to cry with little provocation. I'm not mean or angry, my husband will agree, lol, I just am not so pleasant. I start my third trimester soon and am hoping maybe I'll "glow" more, but I think I'll probably just get larger and more insecure. Life goes on and I'm excited for baby to arrive. I'm just not enjoying the pregnancy as much as many woman profess to.

I'll try to post more often, but I often don't know what to say. Although I'm sure if I make the effore I can certainly come up with something! lol.


  1. I was gonna ask where you are tomorrow! Really!!!
    Glad all is well. Love the name choices.

  2. Glad to see a post and all is well. I'm having a boy also and we're naming him Evan. He'll join 2 brothers and a sister(in that order). Can't wait for you to begin the real adventure after he gets here. Being a mom is AWESOME!
    -Amy(the lurker)