Monday, June 29, 2009

Not me!

Not Me Monday is a fun time had by all. Click on over to visit Mckmama at My Charming Kids (The woman behind the circus) for TONS of other peoples denials of their weekly "Flaws." Rules are simple and easily explained and who doesn't love an excuse to share some love with other bloggers over our anecdotes!

This week I did not eat an entire recipe of Blondies by myself. I may be pregnant, but I can still control my ability to eat junk food.

I did not acidentally stick Walker's dog toys to to the fly paper hanging on the ceiling....twice. Whoops! Luckily they fell down all alone so I didn't actually need to get off the couch.

I am a book worm. But I did not read 5 books, one each day. I am not that much of a nerd. I do other things. I swept the floor and watched Law and Order SVU. And made banana bread and vanilla pudding.

Finally. I did not trek my 26 week pregnant butt up 4 1/2 sets of stairs to the OB office. There is an elevator and I am not too stubborn to use it. I take that back. I am now that stubborn and will be using the elevator in the future because sweating like a pig and panting when I make it to the top floor is not attractive.

Remember go read others fun stories at Mckmama's and share your own. It's a good time!


  1. 5 books in one week is a treat... trust me once you have kiddos 1 book a month is doing good

  2. At least you have an excuse to eat all of those Blondies-- trust me I'll eat them any day! Great Not Me!

  3. If reading that many books is being a nerd, I guess that makes me an uber nerd! lol