Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of mice and mother-in-laws

OK...My mother in law is a really nice person. She is always giving away cookies and candy and food and anything else she can think to give away. She is also a people person. She knows everyone, and if she doesn't know you, she will soon. She and her husband contribute and donate to any cause you can think of be it cancer or the vets. Good people all around.

She drives me NUTS. Lol. Really. I can't handle her. I have learned to describe her as involved. Since it belays me complaining about her since she really is a very nice woman and just descirbes her personality hopefully without bring offense. I do not handle involved well. I make decisions for reasons and I expect them to be respected and allowed.

I do not enjoy having to debate things such as the fact that my husband's family asked him to call off the marriage the week before because "they thought I had changed when he left for basic." Ummm. Everyone changes when under great stress. I am not an overly social person to begin with and working two jobs and trying to see my own family doesn't leave me much time to spend hanging out with you. I did the best I could. I'm sorry I didn't follow your orders to pick out an engaement ring from your daughters sister in laws mother. I didn't need nor want one.

Ok all witching about the need to be involved in my life and being slightly overprotective and too needy of your youngest sons presence, the real reason for this post.

Today we recieved a box from my MIL. A box containing newspapers and magazines from home. Some picture CD's. Homemade cookies. Easter cookie cutters....and Easter Candy. It is June. Why in the world are you sending us Easter stuff? I understand you are trying to send things that we will like and use. Sadly, I still have to use the package of 100 Christmas cookie cutters, the candy molds, the Garfield cake pan, the collection of random dips, meat in a can, and other food items that I can't figure out what to do with. Nick told you I like to cook. And I do. I'm not so much a fan of sugar cookies for every holiday and cakes shaped like Garfield for my 23 year old husband or myself and making candy? I don't even know if you can buy chocolate wafers (wafers? Is that spelled correctly lol?) to melt for candy in Germany nor am I going to find out any time soon. So essentially my kitchen is now half full of things that I will never use, but feel too guilty to get rid of because they were sent out of love.

I should feel grateful but instead I feel annoyed since I have in every way I can think of, nicely said that I don't need any of this stuff and it's ok if we don't get a box of stuff everytime you send the newspapers. She is a nice person. She just isn't my type of nice person. Sadly I can picture it becoming a version of Everybody Loves Raymond. She already informs of us the houses that are for sale in the neighborhood so we won't settle too far away. **My inner Catholic comes out now as I preform the sign of the cross while praying that my husband would be kind enough to not do this to me since I'd lose my mind, what little I have now**

Sigh. I'm going to go read a book and try to unannoy myself. She is a nice person. She is, she is, she is. She is not my type of person and I want to run away and hide now.


  1. OH MY!!!

    My MIL isn't like that but my Grandmother in Law... She's a nice person, but also VERY "involved"... She calls EVERYDAY (we live in the same town and see each other regularly) and sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day. If she doesn't know everything that is going on, she's mad. Ugh.

    A week after Christmas she drove by our apartment and then called me to tell me I need to take my Christmas decorations down. Uhm, yeah, I take those down when I feel like it!!!

    I totally feel you... I just hope that you won't end up like Debra of ELR haha

  2. Wow... I am so sorry!!!! I just came across your blog. Love it!

  3. You could probably sell the cookie cutters on ebay and thus "use" them to create a little financial fund for her latest (and greatest, imo) grandchild.

    The inner therapist in me feels the need to point out that at some point you and Nick (together and united) may have to ask her to not send so many things, perhaps cut back to 4 times a year, or some such nonsense. Just a thought.

    I do love you. love the sign of the cross :)