Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy days.

The Buchenwald memorial. It's up on a giant hill overlooking Weimar, you can see it from miles away. The entry to the memorial. Beautiful and heart wrenching.
The tower and statue. It says 1945 on it. Replaced an older bell tower that had been used to hold urns of ashes. It's at the top of the memorial and from here you walk down a lot of steps to an ally of torches.
There were three of these "arena" type circles along the bottom of the memorial. Each was a mass grave holding between 700 and 900 people. They are now just grass depressions inside an "arena" so that we can remember.The torches. One for each country that had prisoners in the camp during its years of operation. Each tower had the name of the country in German on one side and in the countries own language on the other side. 14 in all.
Stairs back up. You have plenty of time to contemplate the meaning of the memorial as well as look at the stone reliefs that line the side of the stairs. Each shows a camp scene involving guards, dogs, prisoners, and more.

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