Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The army and I have a love/hate relationship. My husband is married to them and occasionally he's married to me which is nice. They pay us every month. (twice even!) which I appreciate. We live in an army issue house in Germany which is a pretty awesome opportunity. So on those and a few other points...Yay army!

No to the hate. Days off. What are these you ask? I don't know, I dont' see enough of them to know. My husband is an MP so he works more random hours than other army MOS's. Fine, but when we get a rare day off, better yet an unheard of three-day, can you not give us permission to travel? Please? We asked in a timely manner. We behave nicely and stay out of trouble. We actually asked which is doing the right thing. So why now...2 days before we are supposed to leave for Prague we still don't know if we are allowed to go or not. Ummm. Seriously? If you're gonna say no can you at least tell us in time that we can get the hotel room refunded? Boo Army.

But guess what?!?! If they give us permission we're goingt o Prague for 2 days!!!! Yay son! I am 8 months pregnant so we won't be doing any hardcore running around, but still how much fun is this! Come on Army...just say yes. Please?


  1. Hope you get to go. How cool that would be and you may not ever get another chance. Come on Army, say YES!! Have I ever told you that my brother was a sargent? Or that I dated an MP for several months? I know what you're talking about with the days off.