Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I figure we'll just get the most emotional part of our Buchenwald trip out of the way first. Tomorrow I'll put up some of the lighter pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

The basement. They dropped the bodies of prisoners down a chute and kept them here until they were ready. Then an elevator took them up to the furnace room.Hooks in the ceiling of the basement. You may have arrived here alive, but you weren't going to leave alive. Heart breaking.

Urns that were found in the ceiling enclosure years after the camp was closed. No names. Just ashes. The furnaces. No recreations here. These are 70+ years old. Real life is sometimes hard to fathom.
And finally on the lighter end of things the plaques on the wall for some of the people that they know were cremated here. So much lost. So few words that hold meaning in the face of this.

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