Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today I am exhausted. I am now 8 months pregnant. (I figure no one will notice if month 8 lasts 6 weeks right?) I'm doing quite well honestly. Still no random swelling or water or interesting pregnancy symptoms. My body seems to be doing better with carbs and blood sugar than it was last week which makes me happy since I HEART CARBS! Still doing ok controlling my BS with food.

But enough about pregnancy. Lol. I am tired! Wanna know why?? I'll tell you! We went and played tourist yesterday and THEN went out last night to a bar (Yes while 8 months pregnant. I didn't drink and they are fun places to hang out. Don't hate please.) Holy wow! We went to Buchenwald which I will post about later. It was a heavy place and I'm not alive enough to tactfully represent that heaviness at this later. But I figured I was alive enough to share some picture loving.

Now for your viewing pleasure we have...

Pregnant hippo of doom!

the leaning tower of Me-za!
in reality I was just trying to get close to my husband while baby was interfering. Lol. =)


  1. You might feel like a hippo but you most definately do NOT look like one. Glad your BS is doing well.

  2. I agree...looking good, and so is Nick! yay for a fun, if not tiring weekend! BTW, Cathy and I went into a bar while I was in labor (on our way to the grocery store) so she could get a t-shirt for Mike. good times!

  3. Aww-- your belly is cute! You're not a hippo!