Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today I ate...

...two cookies. I did. 2. I havent' had cookies in weeks. I shouldn't have had them today. But you see my MIL sent us a butt-load of cookies and some banana bread. None of which I should be eating since my BS is behaving so badly as it is. TOO BAD. I am grumpy and worried and lonely and hugely pregnant. My mom was in a pretty serious car accident on Monday and is in the hospital. In NY. I am in Germany. She was on a vent and had surgery for an arm fracture. I am not there. You see this is my momma. She has enough issues with MS as it is, the last thing she needs is to be stuck in a bed with broken ribs and a cast for an undetermined amount of time. I want to be there. Sadly, tickets are expensive which I could deal with, but I'm pregnant enough that riding a 9 hour plane ride is probably a BAD IDEA. CRAP. My husband is in the field and therefore not here to yell at and beat on (aka cuddle with and cry on) I want my momma. I want my husband. Instead...I got my puppy and 5 dozen cookies. So I ate cookies. Damn gestational diabetes anyways. Tomorrow I'll go back to my no carbs and good BS, but I don't think one day of letting go will hurt the baby. Because I needed cookies.


  1. Amen, Sista! Literaly, you're my cool! Anyway, I love the "aka" for beating on and yelling at...perfecto! I haven't talked to Scottrick yet either, in person. He got home late and I kind of acknowledged him in the dark. He was gone before I woke. He was really here, though, I swear. Anyway, this morning when I stepped on a piece of gum while looking for my cell phone that I thought I'd lost but really just stuck in a different than normal pocket of my purse, I cried! I'm so emotional! I also ate cookies. I know I'm fired, but apparently we think alike. I wonder if Jody has eaten cookies?

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom! Hope she'll be better soon! And it sucks that you can't go see her!!!!

  3. I hope your mom gets better :( :(.
    I'm so sorry you're stuck by yourself, but I'm glad your cookies are there to comfort you!!