Monday, February 8, 2010

Good clean fun

Last night was the Superbowl in case you're not a football fan and hadn't heard. Since here in Germany it doesn't air until 0030 we had plenty of time to kill waiting for it. We decided to watch Wipeout. It's this crazy show with obstacles courses and water and mud and all sorts of goodness. It is HYSTERICAL. There were literally 4 soldiers crammed on the couch while husband and I draped ourselves over a nearby chair trying to all see it on our tiny little laptop screen. We couldn't stop laughing . My favorite was a man who was slightly rotund. as he was getting his butt kicked by some random obstacle the announcer calmly states that he has the right theory, "Use your fat...Absorb the blow." At that line I literally started laughing so hard I was crying while this poor middle aged man got thrown into a pool. Oh my. Good times. and just think. No nudity or drugs required. Just saying.... =)

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