Thursday, March 18, 2010


So my friend here and I enjoy going out for tea. She is a private person so I shall call her...coco! Not like a stripper, but like a coconut. Well, Coco and I ventured out this morning for tea. It was a beautiful spring morning so we both dressed all cute in little dresses/skirts to enjoy the spring weather. I had Red "creamy coconut" tea (no relation to my friend Coco) and she had Chinese Jasmine I believe. Mine was delicious in case you were curious. We spent a few hours in the tea shop savoring our glasses and chatting before we finally decided we'd wasted the day away and should probably get going. Out the door we ventured to find....A traveling Cosco! Ok so not really. We actually found a cool little German market at our feet. 10 Euro bags of fruit (literally 30 pounds of fruit), meat, pasta, and cheese as well. There may have been fish, but we didn't make it over to that side. It was quite possibly the coolest thing ever! Coco may have been hit on by the seller of fruit. He asked if we were American and spoke English, we said yes and he told her he loved her. =) Good times. If you're ever in Germany in the spring find a bulkfood sale and give it a go. It's a ton of fun.


  1. lol that sounds fun and Coco found love woohoo!

  2. where in Germany are you... I only ask cus we are moving to vilseck in 2 weeks or so