Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have nothing of import to post. Mostly since I want to go hide in my bedroom and not talk to anyone ever again. =). That's my coping mechanism and husband made me promise not to cope. OK so actually he made me promise not to shut down. So to honor that promise I will instead be going out to lunch tomorrow with a fellow single army wife and her kids. I went out to lunch yesterday. I'm answering this survey. I'm doing good right? Right! I stole it from {Briar} designs...Hi Ms Designs! ;)

1.How long have you been a Military Wife? Almost 2 years. But the decision for him to join was made together before we were officially married.

2. How many deployments have you gone through? Working on number one.

3. What do you like about being a Military Wife? The independence of it, and the great woman I have around me that I can aspire to.

4. Do you live on base? literally right across the road from it

5. What is your favorite base so far? I only have one. I'm new at this. Yay USAREUR.

6.What's the hardest part of the military life? The really crappy negative people that bring everyone down with them.

7.Do you go to the grocery store or commissary? Comm and on the economy. Depends on how brave I feel.

8. Do you prefer Dress Blues or Dress Whites? We don't have dress whites. And I like blues.

9.Do you have a lot of Military Wife friends? A small number of AWESOME ones and then the one's that I know and like, but don't have the same connection with.

10. Do you prefer wal-mart or the BX/PX? Oh Walmart How I Miss THHHEEEEE!!! Nothing against the PX, but Target and Walmart become something you miss and dream of.

11. So how did your Husband propose? In a letter from Basic. So romantic.

12.Did you marry him after he joined or before? After, but we made the decision together and if he hadn't proposed I wouldn't have waited. It may seem weird, but I know him and if he had done this tour single, it wouldn't have been pretty.

13.How long have you two been together? October 2006

14. Any kids yet? Lu!

15. Any kids yet to come? small herd.

16. Is your husband one of those (I am army hear me "HOOAH"/ I am Marine Corps hear me "OOHRAH") kind of guys? Nope.

17.Have you ever done combatives with your husband? Hahah Yes! Do it!

18. How many bases have you lived at? 1. This one.

19. If you could change one thing about the military what would it be? They would be more effective at ending poor leadership and poor actions rather than hoping they disappear on their own.

20.Do you like military balls? Never been.

21.Where does your family live? NY. Not the city.

22.Do you have a job? I'm a MilSpouse. And a mama.

23. Have you ever gotten in a fight with a CPO's wife? CPO's in sight. And I like our commanders wife so not yet. =)

24. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone? Cuddle. With Clyde the turtle that wears his clothes, the dog, and the baby.

25.Do you think other wives do that too? maybe no the turtle part....

26.When you see movies about the military, do you notice when things aren't right? occasionally, but not like him.

That is all. Happy Saturday between MilSpouse Appreciation Day and Mother's Day. Hooah!


  1. Hi Darling. Happy MSA day to you too!

  2. I know you're having a hard hang in there!