Friday, June 25, 2010

30 days of me...Day 5

Favorite Quote.

If nothing else this has brought to my attention my inability to make one fast simple choice. Instead I usually narrow things down to a couple or a small group of things. Luckily I narrowed it down to my husband, or this could ave gotten ugly =)

I love lyrics in all forms. They often say such true feelings, in ways that make the feeling a bit more interesting and in depth. Love them.

I frequent the quote page often to gleen my own wisdom from other people's short little tidbits. But if I had to pick one quote that will be my favorite quote for at least the next 24 hours I would say this one. Which is actually from a book by Nora Roberts, Northern Lights.

"I'm going to be a terrible wife."..."but I won't lie. I'll never cheat. and I'll be there whenever you need me."

OK gonna throw this one in here too since I can't pick just one. It's from the header on the site Her War, Her Voice which tries to empower the woman standing behind our Military by supporting them.

"Those in uniform train to fight, survive, and emerge victorious. They spend months learning to combat their enemy and how to evade danger. We, their families, have no training. No way to ensure that we are even surviving. We have no way to identify the enemy. And we have no way to quantify our victory. Still, we rise."

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